IT & Technology

Quantum is able to effectively service global clients with a wide range of technology solutions bringing together the correct global partners to ensure effective results across all disciplines.
From SAP to Legacy Systems we have solutions that can fit every business from large global corporations to single Country Corporates from large scale to single service Quantum has the solution for your business.

  • Business Intelligence and Performance management
  • Enterprise Data Management and Architecture
  • Marketing and Communication ‘connected’ IT Solutions
  • CRM solutions from design to build and integration
  • IT Infrastructure services
  • ‘One Stop’ IT services for ‘small’ and medium’ businesses
  • Business Process Mapping
  • Hub, Cloud, Workstation, FT Platforms – all with a range of bespoke solutions

Integrated Solutions for your existing Operations and complete production support including

  • Testing for new and existing applications
  • Full support for existing applications including re-engineering consultancy, support, design, implementation
  • Migrating to new platforms and integration with testing and implementation
  • Building new applications
  • Performance engineering
  • Data Warehousing and Analytics
  • Management of Legacy systems

Some of the 21012 solutions that our Global Clients look for from Quantum and a few of the Value Propositions that can assist them:

  • Software Quality
  • Mobile Computing
  • Electronic Document Management for a Paperless Office
  • Legacy Systems Modernization
  • Data Mining for special insights into their own data provided by “cubes”
  • Global Tax Solution for SAP
  • Special Project Management tool for managers
  • Usability and SAP Productivity (through GuiXT)
  • CCoE SAP Certification programmes

An example of what we mean by Software Quality
Software is probably the most widely used product in human history, and also one with a failure rate like none other, primarily due to poor quality. As software penetrates deeper into every company, shop floor, machine and device, the damage from software defects is also becoming larger. The BP drilling platform that exploded and sank on April 20, 2010 off the coast of Louisiana in the United States, killing 11 people, causing the second largest environmental disaster in U.S. history, and resulting in a US$ 40 billion lawsuit, is now attributed to software error. An error in McAfee antivirus software on April 21, 2010 prevented PCs from networking, and shut down operations in tens of thousands of companies in the United States alone, including cancellation of surgery in hospitals around the country because of inability to schedule resources. When is it going to adversely affect your company, or your life?
More testing is not the solution, because “testing” is pricey and equates “cost”; and return on testing costs tends to be marginal, because testing is not very efficient, since testing only catches “known unknowns” (i.e., you test for something you can imagine as a possible problem), whereas computer errors often happen because of “unknown unknowns” (i.e., something that people did not imagine was possible). So you can test forever but never catch “unknown unknowns” except by accident.
The solution is to address software quality by applying quality measurement methodologies and tools, in addition to testing, as part of a broader software quality strategy. A recent case study at IBM revealed that traditional testing only removed 85% of the defects, while a combination of pre-test methodologies and testing removed 95% of the defects at lesser cost because less testing had to be done.
The Consortium for Software Quality (CISQ: is an initiative of the Object Management Group (OMG) that is focused on formulating the kinds of pre-test methodologies and tools referred to here. Through Quantum you gain the best expertise from the USA delivered ‘locally’ throughout the World.
CRM and Internal Security Systems
We offer solutions from complete systems to specific modular design for integration into your existing systems both locally and globally. Our bespoke solutions allow your company ‘timely’ implementation to ensure delivery of your strategies and a cost-effective ROI.
CRM: We have a full range of CRM ‘bespoke’ solutions whatever your Sector or needs we will work with you from design through to implementation.
Security: We can design security solutions for your company from internal through to external and everything from doors to complete buildings using the latest technology to keep you ‘safe’ and in control.